Our Mission

  • Facilitate links between Florida State University and the local technology community
  • Provide venues for social collaboration for students (game days, bowling, picnics, pizza nights)
  • Provide opportunities for leadership for students (executive board, leadership roles, outreach to schools)
  • Provide professional events for members (guest speaker series, information sessions, career days, company tours)

Welcome to the AITP Student Chapter at FSU!

Who We Are

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is an organization comprised of career-minded individuals who seek to expand their potential through events, networking, mentoring, and socialization. The organization follows a strict code of ethics, instills professionalism, and defines obligations to management, fellow members, society, the College and University, employers, and the country.

Why Join Us?

Joining AITP allows you to participate in an elite network of Information Technology professionals, educators, and students dedicated to continuing education, professional growth, leadership, and the exploration of issues that face the IT industry. Through the National Chapter, you have access to the highest quality IT educational opportunities and forums for networking with experienced professionals and those new to our field.

Fall 2017 Semester Flyer

A list of things that AITP will be doing this semester!


Executive Board


Christopher Cyrille

Year: Senior

Position: President

Major: IT


Diego Leon

Year: Junior

Position: Member Educator

Major: IT


Maria Knight

Year: Senior

Position: Co-Vice President

Major: ICT


Andrew Whitely

Year: Senior

Position: Webmaster

Major: IT


Claudia Reoyo

Year: Senior

Position: Co-Vice President

Major: ICT

Members 2017-2018

  • Christopher Cyrille
  • Andrew Whitely
  • Maria Knight
  • Claudia Reoyo
  • Diego Leon

Interested in joining?

Dues are $10 per year (includes fall, spring, and summer terms)


AITP at FSU exists primarily to serve the students within the College of Communication & Information.

Our membership is open to all Florida State University students. Join now by clicking the button below!

Contact aitp.floridastate@gmail.com for all questions and comments.

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