Who We Are

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is an organization comprised of career-minded individuals who seek to expand their potential through events, networking, mentoring, and socialization. The organization is designed to instill professionalism and define obligations to management. We push to mold young students in computing into professionals and future employees.

Why Join Us?

Joining AITP allows you to connect with an elite network of Information Technology professionals, educators, and students dedicated to continuing education, professional growth, leadership, and the exploration of issues that face the IT industry. You have access to the highest quality IT educational opportunities and forums for networking with experienced professionals and those new to our field. In our bi-weekly meetings, we discuss the latest trends in the tech world to stay updated with the current news and invite high-end tech company professionals to give advice on being successful in the field of IT. Our guest also enjoy staying connected with our members for possible job openings in the future. Our organization helps build the skillset and provide connections for you to get a jumpstart to a successful career in IT.

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Catherine Marshall

Social Media Chair

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Arianna Nicolas


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Stacci Smith


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Ryan Surujballi

Vice President

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Logan Wiggins